Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cerise & Randy - September 6, 2008

Cerise has an incredibly beautiful singing voice. She sang a lovely song last year at Laurie and Butch's wedding. I distinctly recall her approaching Holly and I asking for a business card. "I'm really hoping that my boyfriend is going to propose to me soon, and I just want to be ready," she told us. I thought that was so cute. So when Cerise contacted us to say that she was engaged and that she wanted us to photograph her wedding, I knew it was something she was planning for quite some time.

Cerise and Randy were one of the first couples to attend our Bride and Bride-To-Be Soiree where we invited newlyweds and newlyweds-to-be to our home for an evening of cocktails and hor derves. You could see it in Cerise and Randy's eyes - the excitement of their wedding to come. The day finally arrived and Holly and I were there to capture it all. Congratulations to Cerise and Randy! Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your wedding and we look forward to seeing you soon to begin discussing the design for your wedding album!

To view Cerise and Randy's wedding slideshow, please click HERE.

This photo looks familiar! :)

Cerise sang to Randy as she walked down the aisle - it was an amazing entrance to the ceremony!

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