Monday, June 30, 2008

Alanna & Evan - Engagement Session

Alanna and Evan are getting married at The View Point Inn on September 5th this year and Holly and I are very excited for their wedding. The location is absolutely stunning and we will have the pleasure of working with Jacquelyn from A Swank Affair. Holly and I met up with the couple last week for their engagement session and to discuss some of the details for their wedding. Here is a selection of images from their session:

To view the engagement slideshow, please click HERE.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Creations By Ly - Interview

I was recently interviewed by Nadia with Creations by Ly. Nadia is a phenomenal wedding planner who we have had the honor of working with many times and who has developed the concept of interviewing various wedding vendors to provide prospective brides with some insights on those in the industry. So, I let my guard down :) and shared some thoughts and insights for "brides-to-be." Here is the dialogue from our conversation which has been pulled from Nadia's blog:

CBL: What inspires you as a photographer?
PAUL: Simply put, the work of a photographer is to tell a story through pictures. There are lots of stories that interest me, but the one story that I find the most compelling is the story of the wedding day. It is comprised of many fleeting moments that pose a challenge to any photographer to capture decisively. Honing the skills of observation and instinct -- knowing just the right time to press the shutter -- inspires me the most.

CBL: What's the best part about your job?
PAUL: Photography is such a powerful medium. It informs the way we remember events in our lives. I feel so privileged to be granted access into couples' lives, being asked to document what many consider to be the most important day of their life. However, it is the friendship that ensues after the wedding that I hold in the highest regard. When I visit with couples months or even years later, I am always so touched to see the wedding pictures displayed throughout their house. I love being the vehicle upon which couples remember their wedding day.

CBL: What type of setting do you like to shoot in?
PAUL: I am originally from Boston and although I have lived in Oregon for 10 years now, the Northwest experience still feels unique. I oftentimes joke around saying that if you drive 30 minutes outside of Boston you are still in Boston. However, if you drive 30 minutes outside of Portland you can be in a gorgeous state park, right by a waterfall, or even amidst a scenic vineyard. The landscape in this area is so stunning. It is quite a unique experience for individuals who have not experienced the Northwest. I enjoy photographing weddings that take advantage of what Oregon has to offer.

CBL: What's your advice to a bride looking for in a wedding photographer?
PAUL: Versatility, style, and personality. Ask to see weddings that have been photographed under an array of conditions -- indoors/outdoors, summer/winter, day/evening. Examine the work for its authenticity. Determine whether the photographer is able to capture moments that evoke an emotion. Lastly, make sure you are comfortable and at ease with the photographer.

CBL: How did you get started?
PAUL: When I was a young teenager, my next door neighbor was a wedding photographer. I was out mowing my parents' lawn one afternoon, when a man next door approached me and asked me if I wanted a summer job. He needed assistance with sorting negatives and numbering prints for the album company. I was very excited about the opportunity to do something other than mow the lawn. I quickly became fascinated by the field of photography and just months later purchased my own 35mm camera. By the time I was 15, I was going to weddings as a photographer's assistant -- carrying gear, loading film backs, etc. I then went on to college and received a degree in photography. I have been photographing weddings since I was 18 years old and have been interested in photography as far back as I can remember.

CBL: Tell us an interesting fact about you.
PAUL: I have spent a significant amount of time traveling around the United States photographing various sets of identical twins. I find the bond that exists between twins to be absolutely fascinating.

Josi & Kenny - Engagement Session

We met up with Josi, Kenny, and KJ this past weekend for an engagement session. Josi and Kenny are getting married this September at the Abernethy Center and KJ gets the honor of being the Best Man. Holly and I are really looking forward to the wedding and are excited to announce that the couple's photos and engagement slideshow are viewable online!

To view the engagement slideshow, please click HERE.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cannon Beach Engagement Session

Wanna good laugh? Watch Paul in action as he shoots a recent engagement session out on Cannon Beach. Thank you to Bigler Productions for documenting the day with me.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Erin & Ron - Engagement Session

I absolutely love the thrill of photographing in new locations. When Erin and Ron asked if we could come up to Seattle for an engagement session, the answer was simple. Of course! The game plan was to meet by the gold pig at Pike Place Market - a famous landmark within the market. We began the session in and around the market area and then headed for a nice view of the Space Needle - another classic Seattle landmark. We then decided to hit the beach and had to stop off at another park along the way. Each of the locations we chose were within 10-15 minutes of each other and the end result is an engagement session with a ton of variation. Here are some samples from the session.

To view the engagement slideshow, please click HERE.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kayla & Bryant - Engagement Session

We drove down to Silver Falls Park - the largest state park in Oregon - for Kayla & Bryant's engagement session. It was a perfect day to get out and explore the park. We came across two separate waterfalls and plenty of other locations to make for a rather varied shoot. Holly and I enjoyed watching Kayla & Bryant spend time together playing around in the park. Here are some of our favorites from the session.

To view the engagement slideshow, please click HERE.