Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alanna & Evan - September 5, 2008

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of amazing photos from Alanna & Evan's spectacular wedding. The couple was recently married at The View Point Inn in Corbett, OR on a most beautiful summer day. The ceremony was held outdoors with a sweeping panoramic view of the entire Columbia River Gorge as a backdrop. Cocktail hour was hosted on an outdoor patio that was lavishly decorated by West Coast Event Productions and included one of the most amazing cigar bars I have ever seen. Each cigar was individually wrapped with the couple's name and golden match boxes were on display that read: "09.05.08 A Perfect Match."

I want to personally thank Pam from Ink and Peat for providing the phenomenal flowers, Eric from All Wright Music for not only playing great tunes but for getting all the guests up on the dance floor for some great photo ops, and Jacquelyn from A Swank Affair for working with Holly and I since day 1 -- keeping us in the loop on all the preparations for this amazing event!

To view Alanna & Evan's slideshow, please click HERE.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Katy & James - September 1, 2008

Katy and James were married at Bridal Veil Lakes on September 1, 2008. The wedding was documented by Becca, one of our associate photographers, and myself. We had the opportunity to do some really loose and fun formals -- with the guys going for a cd cover image and the women playing around with different jump style shots. Then, for the full wedding party, we made sure to include the ring bearer who was actually the couple's dog.

Following the ceremony, guests were escorted along the trail that follows the lake with various stations setup showcasing some of the couple's history together. This made a really nice personal touch to the wedding day. As the reception progressed into the evening and it came upon the time for cake cutting, Becca and I got prepared to document the event. I've been to enough weddings by now that I can pretty much predict exactly how cake cutting will go. But I have to admit, I was completely mistaken at this wedding... Check out the images below!

To view the couple's wedding slideshow, please click HERE.

James rowed over to the ceremony in a canoe with his brothers.

As the guys approached the ceremony site, they began bailing water from the canoe!!